MPO connector is a type of fiber optic connector, MPO (Multi Push On) is a type of multi-core fiber optic connector, adopted by the IEEE standard as a type of connector for 40G/100G transmission. MPO high-density optical fiber pre-connection system is currently mainly used in three major areas: the application of high-density environment in data centers, the application of fiber to the building, and the connection application in optical splitters, 40G, 100G, QSFP+ and other optical transceivers.
MPO/MTP Fiber Optic Technology
Data Center High Density Cabling System

MPO/MTP Basic Knowledge

Fiber optic cables drive modern communication. They are the only viable means for arranging the ultra-high-speed systems that run the backbones of digital communication. Long-range

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MPO/MTP Cassette

  • Data center
  • Telecommunications
  • Local Area Network
  • FTTx deployments
  • Data communication network
  • CATV
  • Provide termination, protection, connection, management of fiber optic cable
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