Flexible Optical Fiber Cables/OEM Products

  • Reliable signal transmission without interference
  • Insensitive to electromagnetic interference
  • No earthing or galvanic isolation necessary
  • Totally harmless
  • Extremely high security against eavesdropping
  • Very high ranges without intermediate amplification
  • Very high transmission rates


  • Our self-developed production process allows us to design spring-loaded flexible fiber optic patch cords with extension functions according to application scenarios
  • Unique high and low temperature cycle molding process, so that the spring-shaped fiber optic patch cord has higher consistency and more stable transmission performance
  • The transmission performance is fully consistent with traditional fiber optic patch cords, while taking into account the dynamic operation of industrial control equipment
  • 3D interferometer provides verification of polishing process, and making all parameters of the polished ferrule complies and exceeds industry standards



  • Industrial control machine tool
  • Other types of dynamically running device data transfer scenarios



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