Fiber Optic Slip Ring (FOSR)

  • Reliable signal transmission without interference
  • Insensitive to electromagnetic interference
  • No earthing or galvanic isolation necessary
  • Totally harmless
  • Extremely high security against eavesdropping
  • Very high ranges without intermediate amplification
  • Very high transmission rates


Fibre optic slip ring for maximum data rates. Light waves are the fastest and lowest-loss form of data transmission available. The international designation for the fiber optic slip ring is “FORJ”. This means “Fiber Optic Rotary Joints”. In addition, fiber optic cables have numerous other advantages.

Optical fibers can be laid in bundles. Any signal introduced is reliably passed through without affecting the neighbouring strands. They can also be laid next to power lines without any problems. Optical fibers are insensitive to magnetic fields of any kind. Since they are based on a different physical principle than power cables, fiber optic cables require neither earthing nor galvanic isolation. They do not conduct electricity and cannot cause fires. They are practically insensitiveto unwanted eavesdroppers.

One disadvantage of fiber optic cables is their complex assembly. Interruptions quickly reduce the transmission rate and speed of these data carriers. Until now, this was especially true for complicated transitions, such as from a stationary to a rotating conductor. We have solved these problems with our new fiberoptic slip ring.

The fibre optic slip ring is used wherever fibre optic signals need to be combined with a rotary feedthrough. The low weight, high transmission power and inherent safety of fibre optic cables make them very popular as signal carriers in sensitive and critical areas. These include the following areas of application:

  • Aircraft construction
  • Drone construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • Surveillance technology
  • Vehicle construction

In all areas, fibre optic cables and their additional components convince with low weight, excellent technical fire protection, eavesdropping security, high data rates and long transmission paths without additional amplifiers. Especially in shipbuilding and aircraft construction, the increased use of fibre optic cables and their matching slip rings provides a significant plus in operational safety.


Technical Parameters


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